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>>Sign up now at Start to Run with Tri-Team!<<

Would you like to start running - with the wind in your hair, fresh air in your lungs, the ground moving under your feet and the feeling of freedom? Come and experience it with the largest, most appealing and professional running program in the Netherlands. Together with other beginners, male / female / young / old / friend / student / son / daughter, start your first running steps with the very popular Start to Run program on Saturday September 5th in conjunction with the WZK Tri-Team, the most experienced running club in Wassenaar and the local sports store, L J Sport Wassenaar.

You will receive training from qualified trainers in the most beautiful locations in the area. In six weeks you will learn all the ins and outs of running, such as what should I drink, what is the importance of good running shoes, how can I prevent injuries, how often should I train, etc. After six weeks you will be able to run smoothly and continuously for 20 to 25 minutes. Our enthusiastic trainers are at your service! Start to Run has numerous advantages. The most important at a glance:
- train responsibly
- boost your energy levels
- increase self confidence
- weight loss
- better health
- social contact

Signing up for the Start to Run Wassenaar program you will receive free from L J Sport Wassenaar a foot and run (gait) analysis along with a high visibility jacket for safe running.

The Training

The first Start to Run training starts on Saturday, September 5th, 2015 at 9:30am. You get much more than just a fit body if you enter Start to run! You will receive a functional running shirt, three editions of the magazine Runner's World as well as the special Start to Run Magazine full of beginners tips and tricks, a four month membership to the Athletics Union so you are assured during training as well as discounts on products from the Athletics Union.

>>Sign up now at Start to Run with Tri-Team!<<

If you would like further information or to talk to someone involved then please come along to the special information evening on Tuesday, August 25 from 7pm to 9pm at L J Sports Wassenaar, in the Langstraat, where you can get a comprehensive outline of the Start to Run six week course and ask any personal questions.

If you are still unsure about running and the Start to Run program then we encourage you to come join us for a trial training on Saturday August 29 at 9:30am from the WZK Club Room located at the Sterrenbad swimming pool. The entrance of the club area is located on the right side of the main pool entrance, halfway down the parking lot. Pop into the information evening and leave your details if you intend to join the trial running session.

Important adresses.

L.J. Sport Wassenaar:
Langstraat 57, 
2242 KK Wassenaar

WZK Tri-Team
WZK Clubruimte De Bovenkamer
, Sterrenbad,
Generaal Winkelmanlaan 2
, 2243 AZ Wassenaar

Lid worden

WZK Tri-Team is een Wassenaarse hardloopvereniging met een clubruimte in het zwembad Het Sterrenbad. Hardlopen kan op drie niveau's, van beginners tot gevorderden. Wij trainen onder begeleiding van gediplomeerde trainers wekelijks op de dinsdag- en donderdagavond van 19:00 uur tot circa 20:30 uur.

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